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Project Name

Store Locator System

My Role

Full Stack

Year / Project Type

2022 / Feature

Tech Used

  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • CSS3


Built with efficiency in mind, this store locator system can effortlessly handle an ever-growing database of retailers and events. Designed to scale as the game publishing studio expands its reach, the locator system ensures consistent performance, even as the user base increases.

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Geolocation API

Utilizing advanced geolocation technology, the store locator system identifies the user’s country and saves their location to significantly minimize API calls. In case of API failure, built-in fallbacks activate, ensuring a seamless experience under all circumstances.

Easy to use backend

The store locator system’s backend offers a streamlined experience with its efficient and user-friendly design. It enables effortless management of retailer data, stores,platforms and countries, while maintaining high performance. This intuitive and accessible interface serves as an invaluable asset for the entire game publishing studio team.

Reusability and Flexibility

As the developer for this store locator system, I meticulously crafted both the backend and frontend, ensuring that all client requirements were met with precision. By maintaining a strong focus on their specific needs and objectives, I delivered a comprehensive and seamless solution that aligns perfectly with their vision and expectations.

In developing the store locator system, I also ensured that it is highly reusable and adaptable for all of the client’s games. This versatile design enables the client to effortlessly integrate the system across their entire gaming portfolio, providing a consistent, efficient, and powerful solution for all their store locating needs.

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